Dave Mateo Pro Model Kendama – The Mateo PLUS


The Mateo PLUS Pro Model is the dream mashup. This Kendama consists of a birch sword, birch tama, and a cherry wood sarado that catches every lunar trick you throw at it. This is the first ever PLUS sized Pro Model from Kendama USA. The tama is coated with a white silk 70/30 split design circled by a purple stripe. This one-of-a-kind setup was designed by Dave Mateo himself, with custom artwork you’ll only find on this model. Dave hopes this model will inspire you to reach for the stars and to always keep chasing your dreams. #dreamdama

The Dave Mateo Pro Model features:

Plus Sized Shift Shape Kendama
Double wood construction
70/30 White and natural wood tama coated in our Kaizen Silk Paint
Gold star print on top of the tama for tracking
Custom artwork burned into the handle, cups, and cup rims
Spike Hard Catch Low – Acronym on small cup rim
Longer String and Spinner Bearing
Each Pro Model includes a replacement string and bead, instructional guide, stringing tool and stickers.

“This Kendama is designed to symbolize the idea that your dreams can be achieved. Each cup represents a different aspect of your journey to achieving your goals. The Penrose Triangle in the small cup seems like an impossible shape in the way dreams may feel unattainable. The open eye in the big cup represents your focus on a dream, never losing sight of it. Reach for the starts on the tama during every trick. You never know what you might land.” – Dave Mateo

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