Kendama Bulgaria is the ideology for more fun and active life.

We offer the best kendamas, motor skill games and juggling equipment. All the games and activities are for better motor culture, real skill building and more physical activity. We have in-house manufactured boutique kendamas that feature unique designs, sizes and features. We have been developing the kendama community in Bulgaria since 2014, organizing events, games and workshops across the country. We have a number of video tutorials and motivational videos on social media.

Join in the fun and choose your special skill!

  • So-called skill games are activities that require and build dexterity, agility and reflexes. In the Skill Games and Juggling sections, you will find unique offerings from the world of movement and circus arts. We work with a huge range of products and companies that we can order from at any time. If you are a juggler, or work in the field of animation, we invite you to contact us for further questions about specific products and orders.

We offer:

The coolest boutique kendamas in a variety of woods and designs, and we are distributors for the leading brands of modern kendamas. Fire juggling tools. All kinds of juggling equipment from different class and price range: juggling balls, juggling pins, rings, hats, juggling knives, scarves and accessories. Contact and training poles, training stacks, Devil sticks and Flower sticks, contact juggling balls, hacks and more. Illuminated LED equipment for parties and visual shows. Party accessories such as balloons, water balloon kits, special face paints and more. Activities for the outdoors, such as slacklining kits, interesting movement games and suggestions for team building activities. Monocycles or mono bikes and accessories for them. Rubik's cubes in different sizes, pictures and functionality. Original wooden Fingerboards and ramps for them. Balance sets with balance boards for young and old. Interesting souvenirs for gifts, such as unique handmade totems and balancing set with stones. Playing cards, tricks and cardistry with distinctive designs and quality from brands like Bicycle and Theory11. 

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